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your judgement, who is the reagan kemp clinton optimist. the person to watch on the speaker said is john boehner. he is going to be the player tonight listening slowly. if the president is signaling a willingness to compromise. >> the polls are pretty clear on this. and you mentioned bill clon t clinton. clinton said we don't have an external enemy right now. you said the era of big government is over. >> and that is opt mi miss many. what clinton said is our enemy is ourselves. our enemy is dysfunction al government. the president is going to speak to the american people about the economic issues that matter most to them and i think that is important. >> if he talks about tax hikes republicans are going to tune out. >> it is possible that he could turnout to be the optimist tonight. i want to wait and see. >> the guy i'm watching tonight is marco rubio. he is optimistic guy and i happen to know he has a great pro growth message. meanwhile jared bernstein and robe robert, i appreciate both. joining us next senator johnson and former democratic governor robert dean. i'm kudlow, we
it with clinton. wasn't the one with clinton where they put a different speech in the prompt? >> actually it wasn't the state of the union. a big health care speech. that was september 1993. he was... it was supposed to be a speech on health care. what was in there was state of the union from six months before. yes. seriously. i was in charge. >> jon: you were in charge? in theory, yeah. jon: but in practice? and as i saw the speech going through at hyper speed and clinton being brilliant and just add libbing the entire thing, i saw my career going before my eyes. >> jon: they never got the actual speech back up? >> 13 minutes. 13 minutes while looking at a screen that had another speech going at 90 miles per hour. it was amazing >> jon: how many "reallys" did he use? did he say anything like, "it's really, really, really important." it's very, very, very, big. he didn't do any of that? is this just going to be another exercise in theater? >> it's always theater. theater is important. the theater does matter. the big new theater you're going to see tomorrow but i do think in this case the symboli
screen with the man hunt in southern california as bill clinton most famously did with the o.j. simpson verdict back in 1997 in his state of the union address, that burning cabin and the rogue cop believed to be inside dominated the country's attention right up to the start of the president's address. in the moments before the president entered the house chamber, forensic tests were officially trying to identify human remains found in the burned debris of the cabin where police say christopher dorner had barricaded himself. then we got the speech. the president's mostly run of the mill speech. for most of it. it touched on familiar themes. making the case that government has a vital role to play in promoting a thriving economy. >> it is not a bigger government we need, but a smarter government that sets priorities and invests in broad based growth. >> a new play on the famous bill clinton line. president tackled his biggest challenge, the economy, by invoking a phrase he used a lot during the 2012 campaign. the middle class. >> the true engine of america's economic growth a rising, thri
bill clinton saying the era of big government is over. by saying that he was going to act executive action if congress didn't act. and seeming very reasonable even though he wasn't combative, he was arguing to the country i think even more to the congress. and then he did have some refrains in there that got a lot of applause. i remember in 6 5 lbj say how many times did they applause me. he understood the need for refrains and he came back to what he talked about in his inaugural, the role of citizens which mean he's trying to mobilize the country to put pressure on the congress to do the things he wants done. >> rose: walter what did you see as the theme of this statement. >> i thought it was a great continuation of the inaugural thing, which is inclusiveness and opportunity. that's the theme of our nation and that's what really separates his agenda, i think from some of his opponents which is we want to bring everybody in, we want there to be ladders of opportunity, doors of opportunity. and the fact it had a thematic connection to inaugural, that it is a place where opportunity
of medicare, medicaid or social security or in fact is this essentially a speech that's almost a clinton-esque speech. lots and lots of interesting ideas most of which won't go anywhere but they'll sound good and he'll get a bump for three days? >> representative stockman said he'd be live tweeting tonight. it ap fat tuesday as we move into the lenten catholic season. tonight we'll have binging of promises, of parades, bad excuses. obviously he's looking for it to be politically charged. but historically speaking, what is the chance for this president to engage the president and start a different dialogue to get away from all the left versus right hostility? >> i think that's one test that we should apply to the speech after we've heard it and does he step up to that or does he, what i think he's going to do, all the signals coming out of the white house, double down on the tone he set in the inaugural, which was a very combative tone. i would like to see him do just the opposite tonight. i happen to think this is his last chance to get a grand bargain. i think he has to change the tone
benefactor and principal ally, china, to step aside. >> let's be clear. the clinton administration failed, the bush of ministration failed, the obama administration is failing. it is definitely a 20-year-long bipartisan failure, and the reality is as long as there is enough. there will be north korean nuclear weapons. the chinese could change that, but so far they have shown no inclination to do so. i think realistically the only long-term solution is to find a way to reunify the peninsula peacefully, and i think the key there is china, which we need to be talking to about how to accomplish this. lou: certainly we talk with china all the time and have. >> but not about this. but not about this. lou: we have been talking with negotiations and conducting trade and relationships with china. what could china do year that would determine a peaceful resolution of their -- of the north korean nuclear aspirations which, by the way, look as though there are very near fulfillment. >> well, look, china supplies 90% or more, 90% or more of north korea's energy. supplies substantial amounts of food an
. >> bill clinton is not there anymore. >> not mentioning names. >> did you hear anything that will stand the test of time? we might be talking about 10 or 20 years from now? >> anybody who remembers the speech will remember they deserve a vote. both the benefit and the risk to a president in using a line like that. 1941, franklin roosevelt gave an address to congress, state of the union in which it was interesting. he denounced a lot of opponents saying accusers of hitler, but all anyone remembers is the four freedoms from one speech and freedom of religion. what he wanted to do was to convey not only the four freedoms, but to say we are fighting a war against the accusers of hitler to achieve those four freedoms. all people remember is that line. >> thinking about the republican response from marco rubio, it strikes me that it's a statement from him and where the republican party is right now a few months after a loss at the polls. i wonder how you compare to what you heard and what it says about where the party now is with where other parties have been a few months after losing to a re
alto nivel tales como henry cisneros, quien fue secretario de vivienda con el presidente bill clinton y 2 gobernadores . stop open roll open blanca ---algunas de las masacres que enlutaron a los estados unidos tuvieron como protagonistas a jovenes con problemas mentales.... pitch - cesar ---pero, que convierte a un introvertido joven en un peligroso asesino... son acaso victimas de sus propias mentes? ----angel ayllon, en vivo, nos tiene respuestas en este reportaje especial... angel.. angel live adam lanza hizo llorar al pais entero cuando el pasado diciembre acribillo a decenas de ni;os en una escuela primaria.... algunos acusan los problemas mentales a estos hechos, pero encontramos una realidad completamente diferente... ; 01 ; 46 1 ;10 trt :2;50 y vienen mas inquietudes... que hace a un nino un asesino en potencia... un problema mental o el descuido social y familiar en el que vive... como evitaremos mas masacres en los colegios de los estados unidos... mas respuestas y blanca --el jefe de policia de san --el jefe de policia de san francisco, quiere equipar a sus oficiales con pist
to work washington like clinton figured it out, like lbj figured it out, like reagan figured it out. he wasn't ready. marco's not ready. and they're throwing him out there because they're going, oh, you know, we did poorly with hispanics so let's put marco out there. he's not ready yet. that doesn't mean he won't be ready. he's a great-looking guy. he's articulate. he's just -- >> i see some parallels, but i don't see all of them. >> from florida. spring training has started. and they'd be looking at a marco rubio and saying he's talented, move him up to aaa and then to majors. >> in fairness, barack obama had his first national speech, he knocked it out of his park. >> he nailed it. >> hold on a second. barack obama was a state senator. marco rubio was speaker of the house of, like, the fourth largest state in america, okay? so if we want to compare state legislative careers, marco had more experience. he's still not ready to be president of the united states. and republicans that are pushing him out there are making a big mistake. >> you need to let him season. i mean, my god. you kno
the statement president bill clinton made in an attempt to get re-election back in '96. he wasn't apologetic. he was positive about the role of government last night. and it got a backlash from the other side today. >> well, it doesn't surprise me it got a backlash. but i think it was one of the best state of the unions president obama has given. he said this is what we have to do. he started right in. i remember sitting thinking wow he just started right in on the economy. what needs to be done. we didn't even have copies of the speech. just simply a point-by-point agenda. part of the beauty of not having the speech was nobody read it ahead of time. you had the powerful moment at the end when the entire congress was standing whether they agreed with what he was saying about victims of gun violence, there was this moment where people said yeah we should have a vote. he didn't say you have to vote with me. he said these people deserve a vote. i think it was a bread and butter speech about very clear economic agenda for the country. i didn't see it as a caustic speech. they were simply words that
of paintings from george w. bush. >> stephen: yes, paingts by george w. bush. president clinton has his global initiative and jimmy carter has habitat for humanity but now we know that george w. bush is hard at work painting self portraits in the shower. [ laughter ] that say bold artistic vision that says faces are hard. [ laughter ] it's not like the president sits around day painting shower portraits. he also did one taking a bath because after a hard day's painting in the shower, there's nothing like a relaxing paint in the tub. of course, we may never know exactly what the artist intended with these works but looking at the muted palette, the fusion of the delicate background, i think it's safe to say, how can i kill some time before swamp wars. [laughter] nation, this morning i did what i always do, i went on huffington post to get my rage levels up and to check out the most adorable panda nip slips but when i was there i saw something truly shocking. actual news. according to the 72-point font: pope out. naturally i was shocked. the pope came out of the closet? [laughter] i mean it make
clinton was acquitted by the u.s. senate in his impeachment trial. 13 house republicans prosecuted him but only one of those congressmen ever made it to the senate after spending millions of taxpayer dollars in a failed partisan effort to humiliate and destroy a democratic president. that man's name? lindsey graham. here's "viewpoint." [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> john: good evening, i'm john fugelsang, coming up in just over an hour president obama will deliver his fifth state of the union address to a politically polarized audience outside capitol hill and their polarized representatives and senators under the capitol dome. now current tv will be covering the speech in its entirety, and i'll be back to break it down with panel include current's cenk uygur and. michael shure. tonight the president is expected to focus on policies to create more jobs, heal the ailing economy and rebuild the middle class. he's expected to call for compromise, and talk about searching for common ground, with republicans who deny the possibility of either. so long as mr. obama's in office. >> another litany
>>> former president bill clinton does it, so does natalie portman, ellen degeneres and carey underwood. >> that means no animal products, including dairy, meat, eggs, even honey. advocates say it's an easy way to get healthy a lose weight, but it's not a cure-all. what some people are calling the vegan myth. >> i recently started a new job where i was going to be sitting all the time at the computer, didn't have a lot of time to exercise. >> reporter: so 22-year-old monica coleman decided to start a vegan diet, avoiding many foods. >> realized it seemed to be the best diet for my health. >> reporter: instead of meals filled with nutrient-packed legumes and veggies she was leaned towards stuff -- >> i started making vegan brownies, which i felt good about, but i ended up eating a whole huge batch. >> reporter: eating like that caused coleman to cully gain weight. >> vegan doesn't necessarily mean healthy. >> holistic health coach melissa farley says vegan diets have been trending as more celebrities say they're skipping out on animal products, but eating vegan doesn't automatically help
. new addition, john kerry, replacement for hillary clinton as secretary of state. leon panetta the outgoing defense secretary. that hagel confirmation approved in committee is anything but a sure thing. peter barnes, as we await the sergeant of arms to announce the president of the united states. is it true the president will make hacking the debt a priority. talk about the virtues of government and whatever issues not adding to the deficit isn't that going to be the equivalent after war call to republicans? >> well owe is going to talk about the budget and not adding to the deficit as you said, neil but he is going to, once again, try to often titlement reforms as part of the so-called balanced approach that he wants to take here. neil: we're having some problem with your audio, peter. maybe we can rich that. meantime, rich edson, this is a battle republicans have to take on, or just dismiss or hope the temperment of the country will improve so they're more open to challenging this president on new spending initiatives whether they add to the deficit or not. what do you think?
of it but i have the same concerns. it is something like the legacy that bill clinton had with welfare reform. something that he was brought of. and i see barack obama leaning that way. but what david was talking about politics earlier. this was politics saying to the democratic party. i'm willing to give on medicare and reforming medicare, now it's up to you to talk to me. if it doesn't happen, whatever doesn't happen he can blame on the republicans. i wasn't happy hearing that either, i'm curious if it was more political play than policy he was putting out this. >> they said they will not be raising the medicare eligibility age, but they is it mention they might play with the cpi which would be a you had on social security. michael, your point on bill clinton and his legacy of welfare reform was one i hadn't considered. that is a great point. president obama loves to copy examples of what he thinks is great administration, the clinton administration and as a progressive i'm not happy about that. again i want to point--throw it out to everybody here and discuss the idea of will there be any
and the democrats have averaged one hour and 14 minutes, bill clinton. an hour and five minutes, barack obama. ronald reagan averaged 40 min tonight's his state of the union and richard nixon averaged 35 minutes. >> woodruff: that counts applause. >> that counts applause. i think he would endear himself to the nation if he just stood up and said i'm going to... >> that should be a voting issue all by itself. who do you vote for? >> woodruff: are you saying there's been a lack of urgency coming out of the white house? >> i think there's a lot of important issues that they've emphasized. gun control or immigration or training and research. but i mean what is it that comes out that the president says this is what defines my presidency? david is right. he was far more assertive, in his inaugural address than he was in his first term. i guess we expect that to continue. is there an olive branch offered? i mean, is there a sense or is there going to be the republicans have lost five of the last six elections in the popular vote. five of the last elections they lost senate seats. they lost the house
. >> president clinton spoke it 500 times. >> taxes. taxes. taxes. >> taxes rose under bush, have, of course, eventually sunk his re-election campaign. >> no new taxes. >> and reagan -- >> spending cuts. spending. spending, spending. >> carter was preoccupied elsewhere. >> soviet union. soviet union. >> he combined to say soviet more times in three addresses than reagan did in seven. the most six most used words. >> americans. americans. >> people must work. >> joe deaux. thestreet.com for n.b.r. >> susie: there's a lesson to learn from the struggles of smartphone maker blackberry. it's important to remember that sometimes you have to take a big risk in order to reap the rewards. sports analyst rick horrow explains in this week's "beyond the scoreboard." >> in the next few weeks, blackberry will begin selling its highly anticipated q-10 and z-10 smartphones with the hopes of regaining market share. and unlike other companies in the cell phone space-- like service providers at&t and verizon, and device maker samsung-- blackberry has never been an aggressive spender on sports advertising or sp
clinton for secretary of state. in that instance, russians were likewise raised about potential foreign funds. and secretary clinton did something quite admiral. she voluntarily disclosed every foreign donation in the clinton foundation even though the committee rules didn't require, because there was a reasonable question that would be raised if foreign funds have gone to that foundation. i would suggest those two paths are both reasonable passed today. not one, if reasonable questions are raised about financial topics of interest in a sense of measures he could position, of the receipt of foreign funds, one position is to say i won't make that disclosure and i will withdraw from a nomination. and i will point out henry kissinger was for an advisory board, not to be the chief civilian officer of the foreign -- or the second round is to provide disclosure in have to make clear there is not a form conflict of interest. senator hagel's response is truly unprecedented. i am not aware of any president would questions have been asked is a form conflict of interest with the nominee has said i
speaking tonight. it was not exactly bill clinton in 1996 saying the era of big government is over, but he was using the term big government in a bad way. joining me is karen, a current political msnbc analyst. >> democrats have been losing this argument about big versus small argument, what's effective and ineffective, smart versus snot. think about the child care education. you could make the argument that is smart. how we do spending. i hope that part of the audience for that were democrats in congress, they are going to have to get a lot smarter on how they have this fight and frame this discussion if they are going to win. >> when mark rubio gave his criticism saying that president obama is a straw man, and that big government is the reason we have the problems we have. was he engaging in the last fight or disagreeing with president obama? >> he was fighting the last fight. they think that wins. but i would push back. budget cuts, are they any more effective or smarter? i don't think so. that is the frame to say what are going to be the smart investments for the future that make sense
of what clinton tried to do with education, what george w. bush tried to do with social security. will there be a hallmark measure like that tonight? >> the president has practically speaking a two-year window before the attention fully turns to the 2016 presidential race. this is probably the peak of his ability to move the country, move republicans in congress. the american people are behind him. his approval ratings are high. it depends on what go big means. if it means a set of initiatives he's proposing to try to build middle class jobs, build middle class incomes, that's big. if immigration reform comprehensively means going big, that's likely to happen. the gun debate is one where he's not likely to get what he's looking for. but eamon, you're surrounded by lawmakers as they're filing into the capitol. what are you seeing? >> reporter: that's right, john. this is sort of the spin room where members of congress will come after the speech to give their reaction. i can tell you a lot of members have been here throughout the evening giving their prespin spin. the spin room has
did the honors introducing president clinton bush and 0bam am a. he says the short moment in the spotlight takes plenty of practice as sergeant in arments. >> practice in my office. practice at home. practice in the car. and i didn't want to get that wrong. even though it's only words. mr. speaker the president of the united states. i wrote it on a piece of paper. and i kept it in my hand. the fix year i wrote it on a piece of paper and kept it in my pocket. >> don't blow it. biggest issue before tonight state of the union address for many lawmakers was where they would get to situation. aisle seat in the house chamber hot commodity. some lawmakers wait 12 hours to hold the seat. they want to be on national television and have a few moments with the president. some like this representative used the moment to say things to the president like don't forget us in north carolina. others lake new york representative ingle used the moment to make a more global statement from his aisle seat eons you remembered president bush to stand by israel. >> welcome up next. the p
were talking about clinton getting out the laundry list and how the president is going to pay for it. almost nothing he presented carries this massive price tag. the $9 new minimum wage is on private industry. the only thing that shifted, if it happens and it hits domestic programs, it's going to be the republicans who are responsible. that's a credible argument. if we step back and all this talk about the huge liberal expansion, it was liberal rhetoric. we are not talking about a lot of spending, but continuing to contract sequester or not. >> let me bring in david price which by the way was the first stop for the president's post state of the union tour. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> your colleague was just on with andrea mitchell and said the democrats need to produce a budget and everything falls into place, blaming the president and democrats for not producing a budget here. we are looking at sequester. mitch mcconnell said it will take place. some republicans believe that the democrats will be to blame for this. >> well, the notion that the president should sit down
: this is a good book and has a great passage from president clinton in it and the whole idea of how technology bringing government and getting citizens involved and using smart technology to make daily lives better. smarter governor, more efficient. >> eric: heartthrob bob is up. >> bob: on sunday night, the national geographic channel is running a movie based on bill o'reilly's book "killing lincoln." my brother graham is one of the starring roles in that movie. i'm proud of him. i think he will do great. i shouldn't say watch it, because you're supposed to be watching fox but watch it.
of the union addresses. it was in almost every one of president clinton's. so it's been ten years since we've had gun control talked about in a state of the union address. things have changed now that the president is reelected and less scared of the n.r.a. and so i'm told by advisors he will talk about not only universal background checks but also an assault weapons ban which has virtually no chance of passing congress. >> pelley: when you think about these budget cuts to the federal government that take effect in about two weeks, we're expecting the house sergeant at arms, paul irving, to come in. and there's paul irving now. he will be announcing the president. let's listen in. >> mr. speaker, the president of the united states. (cheers and applause) >> schieffer: (laughs) now the first of the standing ovations. here it goes. and you know scott, these people, these members of congress that are along the aisle there, they have been there literally for four, six, seven hours to get those places because they want to be seen on television. i mean there's no other reason for this when the pr
off duty. back in 2011 thomas was at a convenience store in clinton when a gunman got into a fight with another man. thomas identified himself as a police officer and ordered the suspect to drop the gun, but the man refused and turned toward thomas. that is when the officer opened fire and killed the suspect. today's ceremony was held in the pentagon's hall of heroes. >>> coming up senator marco rubio explains why he had to reach so far for that drink of water during last night's republican response to the state of the union. >> reporter: could moms and dads across the country suddenly be able to find good free preschool? i'm bruce leshan, this story coming up. >> reporter: i'm danielle nottingham at the vatican. coming up thousands of followers packed st. peter's >>> catholics packed st. peter's basilica in vatican city today and stood outside to watch the pope celebrate ash wednesday mass. >> they wanted one final glimpse of the holy father before he retires. danielle nottingham has the story from the vatican. >> reporter: thousands of faithful gave pope benedict xvi a long ov
president, bill clinton, by offering a laundry list of poll tested ideas. >> i'm announcing a launch of three more of these manufacturing house, and raise the minimum wage to $9. make high-quality preschool available to every single child in america. a new college score card that parents and students can use. i propose we use some of our oil and gas revenues to fund an energy security crisis. >> reporter: mr. obama adopted a tough tone throughout his address. >> let's set party interests aside and work to pass a budget that replaces reckless cuts with smart savings and wise investments in our future. let's do it without the brinkmanship that scares off investors and stresses consumers. >> reporter: the night's emotional moment, the president's call for congress to at least vote on serious gun control, invoking the memory of gun victims like hadiya pendleton, a 15-year-old girl who performed at the president's inauguration and one week later was shot and killed in chicago. >> hadiya's parents, nate and cleo, are here tonight, along with two dozen families whose lives have been torn ap
have gone backwards from the clinton era when we had an assault weapons ban. there was a change in the language nationally. perhaps more important, there are an awful lot of people now outside of government, elected officials, pushing on this issue. cathy cohen, her organization is an example. there are many across the country. if we can begin to change this done and violence culture in this country, we may be able to make some headway. >> we are going to move onto the economy after the break. we are to ask cathy cohen and bob herbert to stay with us. we are going to talk about afghanistan. we will also be joined later by aura bogado to talk about what president obama did not say about immigration. [♪] >> "shiny happy people" by r.e.m. this is democracy now!, democracynow.org, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. >> president obama opened his state of the user with a call to revive the middle class. congress to back his proposals. >> businesses have created over 6 million new jobs. we buy more american cars and we have been five years. and less for oil than we have in 20
, barack obama was not ready to be president unlike bill clinton. , who as you recalled, he tried to get impeached. i highly recommend bill press if you're on the east coast. if you're on the west coast why then there's -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> stephanie: hi charles welcome. >> caller: good morning. you guys make my morning i tell you that. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: one thing i've noticed from being a youngster to this full-blown adulthood republicans can't handle heat. nixon, he was sweating. >> stephanie: i totally had forgotten how drinky paul ryan was during his ass kicking by joe biden. >> caller: from now on in any major speech where they get frustrated with the lies, instead of little bottles of water, they should just have a bucket and a ladle. i gotta have a drink of water. just do it from there. >> stephanie: i suggest a wine hat. you could fill it with water or a camelback like runners use. you just have a tube going in all the time. >> rumers do it, too. >> stephanie: talking about how literally there's polling the president is for a path to citizenship
believes in the end it's going to come down to the way he judged recent presidents. bill clinton is popular today. notwithstanding the impeachment and all that went on because he improved the lives of middle class americans. does this president realize that pay dirt politically is improving the lives of the vast middle class? it's not about the stuff around the fringe. >> oh, i mean, absolutely. i think that's foundational to his presidency is improving the lot of the middle class and talking about possibility, income mobility, and adjust in society. in terms of the curve balls you asked howard about, i wouldn't be surprised if he saw something maybe on energy. the president has been dancing around this topic in recent months. it is something he promised he would address when he was first elected. the rising of the seas and the warming of the planet. i think there's been talk among environmentalists that they're looking at this as perhaps addressing environmental change. >> btu tax, something like that? >> well, it could be something like, you know, a green bank. it could be something like
to exit the door wanting to shake every single hand. i remember when president clinton was in office, reaching three and four and five rows back to make sure he didn't miss a single hand. on his way out the door. >> and the pages. they line up back there. >> woodruff: we will wait a few minutes before we hear from senator rubio. let's go back and talk about what the president had to say, david. when it comes to the deficit. and dealing with the debt. it sounded to me as if he not only stood his... he didn't say anything new but he stood his ground. he said, i don't believe this country needs to do something about taxes, cut taxes on the backs of senior citizens who are counting on medicare and counting on social security. >> though he did very interestingly say he was in favor of modest medicare reform. he's always given a sort of gesture to that. it was not enthusiastically embraced by a crowd. there was not a standing ovation for reforming medicare >> woodruff: didn't he say, i'm referring to those wealthy seniors, seniors who are, you know, who are at the the gher income bracket >
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